A Dedicated Pickleball Complex

The Pickleball Complex will house eight state-of-the-art indoor pickleball courts, making the Corpus Christi Athletic Club the ideal destination for pickleball enthusiasts. In addition to the new complex, when hosting major tournaments, the ability to temporarily convert tennis courts to pickleball courts increases the total to 16 indoor pickleball courts and 16 outdoor for a total of 32 courts. This number of courts brings unparalleled flexibility and access for our members.

An Enlarged Fitness Space

The fitness area expansion will more than double the size of the current fitness area. The new area will house state-of-the-art weightlifting equipment and a specialized circuit dedicated to helping members with balance and fall prevention. In response to the diverse needs of our members, a covered outdoor weightlifting and fitness area will also be a part of the expansion enabling members to maximize their workouts in a fresh, open environment.

Innovative Features

All courts within the new complex will be outfitted with high-definition cameras, allowing players to access instant replays and email themselves footage of their games. This innovative feature is designed to enhance player experience and enable continuous learning and development. Large, welcoming social areas are interspersed throughout the complex, fostering a sense of community and offering space for relaxation and socialization.

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Program Activities

The Pickleball Complex will be a hub of excitement and activity, offering a variety of program activities such as:
      • Competitive Tournaments
      • Organized Leagues
      • Professional Lessons
      • Glow in the Dark Pickleball
      • Exclusive Pickleball Parties