Play inside or outside and practice dribbling and shooting either by yourself or with some friends!


The Corpus Christi Athletic Club has 2 Basketball courts; 1 indoor and 1 outdoor. The outdoor court does not require a reservation and is free of charge to members. The indoor court must be reserved and includes an additional fee. Please see below for Reservation and Fees. Basketballs can be borrowed at the Pro Shop free of charge.


Our Outdoor court does not require a reservation.


Tennis Court 1 is the only indoor court available for Basketball use. Non-Members may play on an indoor court but may not reserve courts, indoor courts must be reserved by a member and should be done so in advance. Additionally, non-members are required to purchase a *Daily Guest Pass to play on an indoor court and must also pay the court fee (see below). 

*Daily Guest passes may be purchased at the Front Desk and allow full access to the Club for that day. 

To reserve a court, please use our CCAC App or login from our member portal. 

Free Play:
Sunday: 6:00pm-8:00pm