From beginner to competitive, we have a gymnastics program for you!

Our curriculum is based on foundational concepts for learning by physical and mental experience via gymnastics movement. Physically, students learn body awareness, coordination, strength and flexibility to further their overall wellness and enable them to overcome attainable personal challenges to further their gymnastics skills.

Our students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence and self-esteem. The USA Gymnastics Level 1-3 Skill List is used to track gymnastics development and accomplishments and recommendations to move from one level to the next are made by the staff.

For pricing and registration information contact the Gymnastics Team Leader.
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Jumping Bunnies

Parents and toddlers can jump right into this class and learn beginning gymnastics skills, songs, dances, and games. Children will have fun practicing hand-eye coordination and developing gross motor skills. If group interaction, rhythmic activities and obstacle courses spark your interest, then this class is for you! Walking-3 years (45 min)

Little Gymnasts

• Flippers (3-5 Years)

A fun and safe introduction to gymnastics skills and apparatus. Gymnasts improve their balance, flexibility, locomotive and social skills through physical activity and play. Semester skill sheets and achievement cards are documented to monitor the progression of skills from the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Recommendations to move from one level to the next are made by the staff. Instruction will be given on the vault, bars, beam, floor & trampoline. (45 min.)

• Cartwheelers (5-8 Years)

For Intermediate Children able to maintain more skilled oriented program focused on technique.
(1 hr.)


• Girls Level I (6-12 Years)

Beginning gymnasts start here. Emphasis on tumbling skills, stretch and flexibility with an introduction to all Olympic events *All 6 year olds must pass a skill evaluation before beginning class*

• Girls Level II (6-12 Years)

Intermediate to Advanced recreational gymnastics. Gymnasts will focus on all Olympic events. Mastering beginning level skills to progress onto more advanced skills. *All 6 year olds must pass a skill evaluation before beginning this class"

• Girls Level III (8-12 Years)

Advanced recreation gymnastics focusing on non-competitive level 3 skills and progressions. This class will emphasize proper form and skill connections with the opportunity to be invited to our pre-competitive team.

• Boys Level I (6-12 Years)

Beginning male gymnasts start here. The boys utilize all Olympic events- High Bar, Parallel bars, Horse (mushroom), Vault and Floor Exercises (tumbling) on an introductory level. 


• Beginning Tumbling (6 Yrs+)

This class is designed for gymnasts that have little to no experience with tumbling. The focus is only basic tumbling skills. Gymnasts will master handstands

•Intermediate Tumbling (7 yrs+)

This class is for gymnasts interested in increasing their floor and tumbling skills. Gymnasts will learn backhand springs, standing tumbling and running tumbling. Basic tumbling skills are required to begin this class.

• Advanced Tumbling (8 yrs+)

This class is designed for gymnasts who can independently complete a round off backhand spring. The coaches will teach and improve the gymnasts more advanced tumbling skills. 

Adult Gymnastics

Our Adult Gymnastics class is designed for both men and women of all levels. You will work on floor skills, beam, bars and vault. This class is purely for fun and for the love of the sport.
Wednesdays: 7:15pm-8:15pm


Every Tuesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm   Cost: $40 members / $60 non-members

Every Tuesday
5:30pm - 6:30pm

Cost: $40 members / $60 non-members


Price:                     Member      Non-Member

½ Hour:                      $30               $40

1 Hour:                        $40               $60

6 ½ Hours:                  $175              $235

6 Hours:                      $230             $290


Annual Registration Fee
Member: $25 / Non-Membes: $50

One Class Per Week:
Member: $40 Month / Non-Member: $60 Month

Drop in Pricing:
Member: $15 / Non-Member: $25