State-of-the-art Keiser cycles to give you a one-of-a-kind workout.

The Corpus Christi Athletic Club has an indoor cycling room that is equipped with 40 Keiser Indoor Cycling Bikes. Our members enjoy pedaling through sprints, climbs and jumps to experience a powerful cardio workout. All fitness levels are welcome! Climb on and experience the ride of your life! 

Cycling Etiquette

  1. Be on Time: If you are new to cycling or RPM, you definitely want to be early so that you may introduce yourself to the instructor and find out a little about the class.

  2. Please allow all cycling classes to end completely before entering the studio for the next class.

  3. Please avoid “saving” a bike for a member by placing a towel on a bike or taking back to back classes. In all fairness to every CCAC member, we want to give everyone an opportunity to participate in a great cycling class.

  4. Be Attentive: Your cycling instructors are encouraged to start promptly and end on time. The class must run in a timely manner. Cell phones, pagers and conversations can be a huge distraction.

  5. After a cycling class, be sure to wipe down your bike and return the gear and seat to lowest setting.

  6. Last but not least...Be Positive: Sometimes the best inspiration & motivation comes from a big, bright smile. Remember you are in control of your workout!